"We need to maintain forests without disturbing them, We need to change our attitudes or lifestyles to protect them. We need to reduce consumerism with more action and less talk" - D. V. Girish


Cycle for Nature
Cycle for Nature
A themed activity to take students around Chickmagalur by cycle. This is to make students aware about environment and nature around Chickmagalur town.

About Us!

Living within one of the world's best and most versatile of habitats, the Western Ghats, gave us the impetus to come together with people of the same interests and intent to form a NonGovernmental-Association to, first, further our understanding of the intricacies of Nature and then to get involved in an informed manner with a unified voice to save the wild habitat and the wildlife in the immediate vicinity of Chikamagalur. This motley group of citizens met formerly for the first time in June of 1999 to give birth to a new chapter in the conservation efforts of Chikmagalur and out of this meeting was born WildCAT-C: Wildlife Conservation Action Team Chikmagalur..