We participate in various research programs like line transect, distribution survey camps etc.. conducted by various organizations to help ourselves in understanding a jungle better, furthermore whenever there is such a camp being conducted in our neighborhood we make it a point to attend.

members of wildcat-c have also travelled far and wide visiting various wildlife areas learning from their success and failure and also increase their knowledge on biodiversity of this subcontinent. Apart from that we try and educate ourselves by interacting with eminent and experienced people in the field.

We are very focused on taking a rational approach and are very through with whatever we are trying to do. We keep track on the goings on in our area and if we come across anything that requires our attention we try and systematically work through the problem till its logical conclusion.


Education Camps

We organize education camps for local communities, college students, schools kids in Chikmagalur and periphery of Bhadra and professionals like lawyers, media, press and the corporate world. Where we educate about biodiversity of our land, how important is it for our existence and the problems Indian wildlife is facing .These camps are usually conducted along with field trips to provide a appropriate exposure

Wildlife Week

We have been consistently conducting wildlife week from past 10 years with Karnataka Forest Dept. and sometimes with our own initiatives. This is aimed at awareness at a large scale. As a part of Education we conduct various activities throughout the year aiming at building awareness in different ways like conducting drawing competitions for kids, conducting quiz competitions, showing documentaries and wildlife films or conducting activities with themes around wildlife or environment like cycle for nature.

Rescue On Call

WILDCAT-C members rescue injured animals as a priority. They have rescued a lot of snakes, mammals (like tiger, otters, mongoose) and birds. On rescuing these animals they are either tended to for a few days or immediately released to natural habitat as soon as possible. We also assist in anti poaching activities by providing vehicle, manpower, time support. We also create awarness that hunting of all types of wild animals is prohibited and is a punishable offence.

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