About Us

About Our Organisation

Being well versed, informed, researched and up to date on issues that effect conservation is one of our most important goals. We participate in various research programs like LINE TRANSECT, Distribution survey camps etc. . conducted by various organization’s to help ourselves in understanding a jungle better, furthermore whenever there is such a camp being conducted in our neighborhood we make it a point to attend. members of wildcat-c have also travelled far and wide visiting various wildlife areas learning from their success and failure and also increase their knowledge on biodiversity of this subcontinent. Apart from that we try and educate ourselves by interacting with eminent and experienced people in the field. We are very focused on taking a rational approach and are very through with whatever we are trying to do. We keep track on the goings on in our area and if we come across anything that requires our attention we try and systematically work through the problem till its logical conclusion.
Our Objectives:

• Ensure that ‘wild Chikamagalur’ is maintained with minimal outside interference.

• Ensure that precious land is not diverted for use other than what it is naturally meant for.

• Ensure that laws are not broken or circumvented to further the short term needs of a few individuals while harming the interests of the greater public and the voiceless animals that rely on these uninterrupted landscapes.

• Ensure awareness is achieved to enlighten our fellow citizens about the need to conserve.

• Help and ensure that the empowered officials are carrying out their duties and obligations efficiently.

• Enlighten the citizens about the goings on in their vicinity through awareness campaigns via different media.

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