Our Works


Basur kaaval (2008)

Basur Kaaval in Chikamagalur district of Karnataka which is a small grassland hosting about 120 species of birds .It is the home to the endangered Indian Wolf and the only area in Chikmagalur to host the Black buck and numerous other dry land creatures. Basur kaaval is one of the least protected zones in our area with continuous pressure of new paths, roads, claimants coming up all the time. We have managed in getting some awareness about the importance of this area. A long way to go!.

Fire Prevention and Stoppage (2004)

We Got involved when a huge man made forest fire engulfed BWS burning around 35000 acres. Helped in mobilizing manpower, vehicles, food, information and morale. Were instrumental in getting the fire under control. The Result of which is the bamboo we see in Bhadra today With such great experience behind us. We realize that Prevention is better than cure hence we educate people on prevention of forest fires on a regular basis and keep an eye on Activities during the fire season.

Bamboo Extraction (2002)

Till the late 80s, the management focus was heavily tilted towards revenue generation forestry activities and extensive logging of valuable timber species was carried out. In addition, Bhadra’s extensive Bamboo forests were severely exploited to meet the raw material requirements of a large paper mill. From the 90s the management focus slowly changed towards wildlife conservation and protection due to a shift away from Revenue generation due to continued efforts of NGOs One of which being Us. We vehemently opposed extraction of all types of bamboo from forested areas and were successful in getting the Supreme Court order of 2002 that banned all extraction of green bamboo, implemented.

Kudremukha Mining (2000)

One of the top Biodiversity was subjected to ruthless mining for 30 years .It was one of the most popular environmental issue for a long time. Fought aggressively by wildlife conservationist.

We were actively involved in stopping KIOCL in their endeavor to further their mining lease in the Kudremukh area and in getting an extension to mine in the Kachegehole area. We also stood steadfast in support with fellow conservationists who were trying to be bulldozed into submission by using different means and methods.

We got across by conducting lectures, workshops, seminars, movie shows, and interactive sessions -to people living downstream of Kudremukh about the harms that the mines were causing to them, their children, livestock and their lands!

Bhadra Rehabilitation (2000)

Our advisor Mr. D V Girish has been working on this issue for the past 2 decades and we were there to help whenever it was required.

Bhadra WLS is predominantly a tropical moist deciduous forest. Bhadra is an area potentially superior to many of better-known wildlife habitats in Karnataka. Fragmentation was one of the serious treats to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary .Around 736 tribal families housed in Bhadra WLS using the forest land for cultivation and cattle grazing. Intentional fires and rampant poaching were indirect result of which. Thus degrading the habitat and causing disturbance to wildlife.

Thanks to the perseverance of a committed few. Villages in the midst of the sanctuary were shifted out to 2 different locations where beneficiaries were given compensation money and land in lieu of the land that they gave to the jungle. All the 460 families were voluntarily resettled outside the reserve, given the better facilities and lesser menace of crop raids by elephants and other wild animals. Bhadra was given Project Tiger status.

This is one of the most successful rehabilitation packages that was conceived and executed in the entire country.

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